How to Identify Oriental Cockroaches


The Oriental Cockroach ranges in size from an inch to about 1 1/4”. Adults are very dark brown or black and usually have a shiny sheen to their body. The female has functionless wings that are hardly seen, and the male has wings that cover about 3/4” of the abdomen.


Oriental Cockroaches at times occur in great numbers around leaks in the basement or crawlspaces of the home or building. During periods of drought or when weather changes from summer to fall, there may be considerable migration indoors. Control is needed before large numbers infest buildings.


Not only are Oriental Cockroaches unsightly, their presence also creates a nuisance. Oriental Cockroaches present a major problem as a public health threat. They are harmful in transmitting and harboring diseases.


Because Oriental Cockroaches live around leaks in the basement or crawlspaces, increasing ventilation will help decrease the dampness beneath homes, and reduce infestations. Professional perimeter treatment around the home is effective in reducing Oriental Cockroach infestations.


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About Cockroaches

  • There are about a half dozen species of cockroaches, but they all have six legs and two antennae.
  • Poor housekeeping is just one of many reasons for a cockroach infestation.
  • They breed quickly, so they’re hard to get rid of without professional help.