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About Cockroaches
Poor housekeeping is just one of many reasons for a cockroach infestation.They breed quickly, so they’re hard to get rid of without professional help.
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Smokybrown Cockroach

(Family: Periplaneta fuliginosa)

The Smokybrown cockroach is mahogany in color and ranges in size from 1 1/4” to 1 1/2”. The later nymphs are similar in color as adults, but the early nymphal stages have a white colored stripe on their thorax and on the tips their antennae.  This cockroach is a ready flier and easily travels from trees onto houses.


The Smokybrown cockroach has a greater tendency to lose moisture through the cuticle, and thus requires liquid water every two to three days. Due to this, populations are primarily found outdoors, tightly centered around habitats that can be described as protected, moist, dark, relatively warm and relatively free from the desiccating effects of air flow. However, the Smokybrown cockroach can be commonly attracted to homes to feed on improperly maintained trash containers and pet food on patios or decks. Their presence is unsightly, and once they enter the home, they can damage book bindings, paper goods and clothing.

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