How to Identify Smokybrown Cockroaches


The Smokybrown Cockroach is mahogany in color and ranges in size from 1.25” to 1.5.” This is one of the few large cockroaches that can fly.


Smokybrown Cockroaches are primarily an outdoor pest associated with tree holes and dense foliage; however, if the infestation is found indoors, it must be eliminated. This Cockroach may move in and out of buildings as it forages for food.


Normally, this roach feeds on plant material (especially in greenhouses), but it can feed on almost anything that other roaches feed on inside a dwelling. Their presence is unsightly, and once inside, they can damage bookbindings, paper goods and clothing. Their droppings may also contaminate stored products.


1. Sanitation – like all animals, roaches need food and water, so by reducing access to these conditions, the populations will become stressed and die.

2. Harborage alteration – Clutter is an excellent harborage for roaches and often provides high areas of humidity (moisture).

3. Perimeter Treatments – Professional perimeter treatment around the home is effective in reducing Smokybrown Cockroach populations.


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About Cockroaches

  • There are about a half dozen species of cockroaches, but they all have six legs and two antennae.
  • Poor housekeeping is just one of many reasons for a cockroach infestation.
  • They breed quickly, so they’re hard to get rid of without professional help.