How to Identify Fruit Flies


Adult fruit flies are about 1/8″ long including their wings. They are usually a brown/black or brown/yellow color.


Fruit flies get their name from their preference of using fruit as a food source and location for laying eggs. Adult females lay an average of 500 eggs which hatch in around 30 hours and begin reproducing in 2 days. Fruit flies will likely be found around garbage and decaying foods.


These small fruit flies are often an annoyance, but like the house fly, they are carriers of many potential diseases.


Fruit flies are attracted to fresh or fermenting fruits and vegetables as well as other decaying foods. Quickly throw out any used or decaying fruits and vegetables to help keep these flies away.


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About Flies

  • There are thousands of species of flies, including the house fly, fruit fly and gnat.
  • Some species live two months or more.
  • They reproduce very quickly and can spread bacteria throughout a home.