How to Identify Cat & Dog Fleas


Fleas are small, wingless insects that are flattened from side to side. These insects are usually found buried in the hair, next to the skin of mammals. When infestations are large, adult Fleas may be found in carpeting and around pet resting areas. Fleas are covered with many spines and bristles that project backwards. The spines are positioned to keep the Flea from being removed from its host during grooming. Adult Fleas have piercing-sucking mouthparts they use to feed on blood from their host.


The most common Flea is the cat Flea, although this Flea mostly infests dogs and cats. Fleas can be detected on pets by rubbing animal fur backwards and looking for their presence next to the skin. Bites on both pets and humans is an indication of a Flea infestation.


Fleas are medically important insects. The most serious human disease transmitted by biting Fleas is Bubonic Plague, which reportedly killed 25,000,000 people in the Middle Ages.

Other diseases include typhus. Flea Allergy Dermatitis is also a problem with pets. The presence of Fleas on pets may cause allergic reactions on the animal and lead to an overall unhealthy appearance.


A homeowner can perform several simple techniques to prevent infestations:

• Wash the pet’s blanket, rugs, and pet carrier. Vacuum pet sleeping and resting areas thoroughly to help remove Flea eggs, larvae, and adult Fleas.
• Regularly wash your pet to remove the adult Fleas.
• To prevent Fleas from maturing into biting adults, use an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) preventive treatment by a Cook’s professional.


A professional treatment is the best way to control fleas in a given area. Cook’s Pest Control offers professional treatment for the control of fleas. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to address your flea problems.

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About Fleas

  • The main source of a flea infestation is the family pet.
  • These small, wingless pests can actually jump relatively long distances.
  • Flea bites can cause red, itchy marks – both on pets and humans.