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All spiders are eight-legged, and they can enter a home in a variety of ways: on clothing, through cracks under doors, and more.Although some bites may hurt, most spiders can’t seriously harm people, except for a few species present in the U.S. like the brown recluse and black widow.A Cook’s professional knows how to spot and control all types.
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Wolf spider

(Family: family Lycosidae)

Wolf spiders, (family Lycosidae) are robust, ground dwelling spiders. These spiders are various shades of brown, with light and dark brown stripes along their back. These spiders also have excellent eyesight, with eight eyes arranged in three rows. Wolf spiders use their superior eyesight to actively hunt on the ground rather than spin webs and wait for prey. Female spiders can sometimes be seen with large silken egg sacs on their abdomen. Often these spiders are mistaken for the Brown Recluse spider, however wolf spiders have longitudinal stripes that run the full length of their body, whereas brown recluse spiders have a rounded, fiddle shaped mark on their back. The legs of wolf spiders are also thicker and more robust, while brown recluse legs are long and thin.

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