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About Ticks
Ticks enter a home mainly through dogs and cats that play in wooded areas.Ticks consume blood through their entire life span, which can cause them to swell in size.They can carry disease, so it’s best to eliminate them before medical problems arise.
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(Family: Order: Ixodida)



Ticks (Order: Ixodida) are small and vertically flattened arachnids, consisting of two body regions which are fused together. They are usually 3mm or more in length, and like all arachnids do not possess antenna. All ticks are parasitic and, depending on the species, feed on the blood of mammals, birds, and sometimes reptiles and amphibians. Ticks find their hosts utilizing a behavior known as ‘questing.’ When a tick is questing, it will climb to the top of tall grasses or brush and hold its front pair of legs out, waiting until a host passes by. Once it does, the tick clings onto its fur or skin with its outstretched legs, and will begin looking for a suitable spot to feed.

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