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About Nuisance Birds
Although birds are a welcome site and a beautiful addition to creation, they can sometimes become pests. Nuisance birds can be destructive to your yard, garden, home or place of business and can be a health hazard due to the transmission of diseases.
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(Family: Columba livia)

Feral (Wild) pigeons are one of the most commonly birds encountered in a city and as such are one of the most easily recognized bird species by everyone. However, at times the pigeon could be confused with native doves and band tail pigeons. Pigeons are about 13” long, have a wingspan of approximately 27” and distinctive twin black bars across the wings. They have a dark bluish-grey head, neck and chest, with a green to reddish purple iridescence around the neck and wing feathers.


Feral pigeons have adapted very well to man-made environments and are the most troublesome nuisance bird pest in urban areas and small communities. Breeding can occur year-round, although peak reproduction is in the spring and summer and feral pigeons can live 4-15 years in urban conditions. Pigeon droppings deface and can accelerate the deterioration of statues, buildings and equipment, and foul areas where people lounge or work. Most importantly, feral pigeons are of public health concern since they are known to carry or transmit encephalitis, Newcastle disease, histoplasmosis, pseudotuberculosis, and salmonella food poisoning.

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