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Both mice and rats invade a home looking for food and warmth.They can contaminate more food than they actually eat.Rats often start colonies in attics or under porches – and they’re harder to eliminate than mice.
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Norway Rats

(Family: Rattus norvegicus)



Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus), also known as brown rats or sewer rats, can range in size from 13-18” in length, and in color from light reddish brown to black. This large rat has a blunt snout, small eyes, and small ears and covered with hair. The Norway rat lives in burrows outdoors or in and around stored items, wall voids and attics. The tail is dark on top and pale beneath. Norway rat droppings can be identified by their large size, about ¾” long, and their blunt ends. Other common signs of rat problems include:

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