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About Millipedes
Millipedes prefer moist habitats and are often found in organic matter around homes such as soil and leaf litter.They are important nutrient recyclers in soil and leaf litter, they enrich soil as they digest organic material into smaller pieces.Millipedes do not bite or sting, and die within 24 hours of entering a building.
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(Family: Class: Diplopoda)

Millipedes (Class: Diplopoda) can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all follow a basic segmented body plan of a head and an elongated and cylindrical trunk. The trunk is divided into many small consecutive segments, each with two pairs of legs. This differentiates them from centipedes, which have only one pair of legs per segment. Millipedes are typically slow moving arthropods that live in the soil, eating decaying plant matter.

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