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About Occasional Invaders
These pests invade your home or place of business infrequently and their intrusion is typically due to a change of weather. They usually wind up indoors while seeking shelter or just happen to wander inside through open doors.
Learn » Kudzu Bug

Kudzu Bug

(Family: Megacopta cribaria)

The Kudzu Bug (Megacopta cribaria) are small, green insects from the order Hemiptera or the ‘True Bugs’. Like all true bugs, these insects have a piercing/sucking mouthpart that they use to pierce plant tissue to feed off the fluid inside. These insects are small and roughly pentagonal in shape, around four to six millimeters long. Their outer surface is typically a mottled olive green color, and like stink bugs can produce an odor if disturbed. Although this insect was first detected in Georgia in 2009, it has since spread quickly, and it’s presence has been confirmed in 60 Georgian counties, as well as North and South Carolina.

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