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About Mosquitoes
In addition to being a backyard annoyance, mosquitoes kill more people each year than any other animal as a result of the diseases they carry (600,000 from mosquito-borne malaria alone).Mosquitoes have transmitted the Zika virus in some parts of Florida.
Learn » How to Identify Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

How to Identify Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

(Family: Aedes albopictus)



First found in Texas in 1985 this mosquito has rapidly spread all throughout the eastern United States. This mosquito is easily recognized by its bold black shiny scales and distinct silver white scales on the its palpus and tarsi. It’s back is black with a prominent white strip down the center beginning at it’s head and continuing along the thorax. It is a medium sized mosquito approximately 2-10 mm in length. This mosquito is a day biting mosquito and is out searching for a blood meal at dawn and dusk. They are often referred to as container mosquitoes because they breed in and around any water holding containers near people’s homes.

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