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In addition to being a backyard annoyance, mosquitoes kill more people each year than any other animal as a result of the diseases they carry (600,000 from mosquito-borne malaria alone).Mosquitoes have transmitted the Zika virus in some parts of Florida.
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Culex Mosquitoes



This mosquito is commonly known as the southern house mosquito. It is found in tropical temperate regions of the U.S. This mosquito is a small mosquito ranging in size from 3-4 mm in length. It is all brown with the proboscis, thorax, wings, and tarsi being darker than the rest of the body. The head is light brown with the lightest portion in the center. They lay their eggs in oval rafts on top of the water with 100 or more eggs per batch. These eggs will hatch 24 to 30 hours after they are laid. They are nocturnal and are searching for blood meals at night.

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