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Tips for Storing Holiday Décor

Published In: Occasional Invaders

Another Christmas season has come and gone, hopefully spent with lots of time with family and friends, enjoying each other’s’ company – and lovely holiday décor. However, now that all the presents have been opened and the holiday feast is complete, the much-dreaded packing up must begin. The last thing you want next year when you take out your decorations is to be greeted by a mess, or a bunch of pests. So as you’re packing away the lights and wreaths, keep in mind these tips to avoid pests in your holiday décor:

1. Clean out your storage bins and containers before you commence with any packing. There is no telling what could have accumulated in those boxes during the month or two that they were in storage sitting empty.

2. Separate your holiday decorations into different containers and try to use plastic boxes (Rubbermaid, Tupperware, etc.) that seal with a lid. Keep ornaments in one box, paper and bows in another, etc. Not only will this help with organization for next year, but it will also help you make sure you keep like items together so as not to attract clutter and pests.

3. As tempting as it might be, strive to not overpack boxes. Boxes that have been filled beyond capacity could potentially not seal well and that is an easy entrance for pests.

4. Instead of storing trees and wreaths in their original cardboard containers, consider investing in special bags that will repel moisture and help keep the pests away.

5. Place your containers in a clean, safe area, and attempt to not place boxes right up against the wall.As we all know, clutter only makes it easier for pests to hide out in your holiday decorations.

6. Before taking them off the tree and packing them away, check all ornaments hanging from your tree as they can be attractive harborage for small critters and pests.

7. Be cautious when putting away greenery as pests could have already made a home in it before you bought it.

8. Throw away edible décor like popcorn strings or gingerbread houses.While you might be tempted to preserve some of these and use them again next season, it’s best to keep those memories in your heart and not in your storage bins as edible décor is a magnet for pests.

9. Wash any holiday linens before storing them. Tablecloths may have accumulated food crumbs, and you certainly don’t want to feed insects over the winter.

Hopefully a few of these tips will prove helpful in not only keeping your decorations safe and sound, but will also aid in keeping out any uninvited guests from attending next year’s holiday festivities.

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