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Pest Profile: Field Mice

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Being from Florida, I really do not like the cold. It makes me want to stay inside and stay snuggled on my couch with a warm glass of tea. However, I am not the only one that wants to be inside during these frigid months. Field mice have the same feelings about the cold as I do, they too want to be inside a warm house, perhaps not drinking a cup of tea, but definitely looking for any tasty scraps they can find. Unfortunately they often find their ways into our homes looking for warmth and food.

Identifying Common Field Mice

These mice are small rodents with a brown, beige or reddish-brown fur. They are about 4 inches in length and have tails that can range from 2-3.5 inches long. They are an omnivorous animal feeding on things such as buds, mushrooms, root vegetables, young plants, seeds and different berries they will come across. However, they have also been known to eat things such as snails, insects and earthworms. Similar to other rodents these mice are great burrowers and will nest in plants and structures that they come across. They typically nest in hollow logs or dead trees, or inside or around piles of wood and plant debris. However, if they are found in your home they can typically be found constructing small runways in the attic, basement and/or crawl spaces.

If these critters are finding their way into your home you will typically be made aware by scratching noises or torn-up insulation or maybe even new insect infestations as a result of mice hoarding up the food they are finding within your home. In order to prevent these unwelcomed guests be sure to seal up any entry holes, you may find around your house. Weatherproof doors and windows, seal holes where there may be wires or cables entering the home, cut back shrubs or any vegetation touching your house to prevent easy access. Besides a warm house mice also need water and food to survive, make sure to fix any water leaks, keep food sealed, and clean up any spilled food in or around the home.

Kristen Stevens, BCE
Director of Training

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