Helpful Pest Control Tips According to the Cook's Pest Control Blog

Mythbusting: Do-It-Yourself Homeowner Pest Control

Essential Oils and Botanicals Over the next year, we will be writing several posts that focus on the myths surrounding DIY pest control. There are several interesting topics on the slate and for this post we will be addressing the use of essential oils to control pests. Essential oil(s) can be defined as any volatile… Read more »

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Tips for Storing Holiday Décor

Another Christmas season has come and gone, hopefully spent with lots of time with family and friends, enjoying each other’s’ company – and lovely holiday décor. However, now that all the presents have been opened and the holiday feast is complete, the much-dreaded packing up must begin. The last thing you want next year when… Read more »

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Unexpected Christmas Pests

Although it is not as popular as it used to be, millions of American families will use a real Christmas tree for their holiday decorations. Unfortunately, many insect species also call these trees home to ride out the cold weather, or overwinter, until the warm spring weather. By bringing these trees inside the warmth of… Read more »

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Too Spooky For Me

Entomophobia is the excessive fear of insects. Most of our customers suffer from this common phobia to some extent, which is why they trust us here at Cook’s to keep the insects out of their home. Because it’s October, and Halloween is right around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at why people… Read more »

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