Helpful Pest Control Tips According to the Cook's Pest Control Blog

Rodents at Large (Norway rat, Roof rat, house mouse)

Kristen Stevens, BCE Corporate Entomologist, Cook’s Pest Control As cooler weather approaches, so do rodent issues. Rodents, like any other pest, are seeking food, water and shelter when you find them inside your facility. They are there because inside seems like a cozy, great place to seek shelter from the inclement weather. Once they are… Read more »

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Pest Profile: Birds

Kristen Stevens, BCE We don’t often think of birds as pests, and, indeed, most of them are not. However, there are some birds that can pose public health and damage concerns in addition to being a nuisance. They carry all number of different food-borne illnesses such as salmonellosis, histoplasmosis, campylobacteriosis and some others. Some birds… Read more »

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Spiders are Friends, not Fiends

Kristen Stevens, BCE (spiders that are not deadly – wolf spider, crevice weaver) If you have ever seen the movie Finding Nemo, one of my favorite scenes is when the sharks are meeting as a support group for recovering fish-eaters. Their mantra is “Fish are Friends, NOT food!” They are trying to curb their appetite… Read more »

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Orb weaver’s: Natural Artists

With the weather beginning to cool off and leaves starting to change into striking colors of red and orange, many of you will likely take to the outdoors for an evening stroll. It is within this time of year that many orb weaver spiders reach full maturity and their brilliant webs can be seen on… Read more »

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