Helpful Pest Control Tips According to the Cook's Pest Control Blog

Pest Profile: Lovebugs

Hearing the word “lovebug” may evoke the season of love and red hearts, but these critters don’t live up to their name. They are not exactly loveable, and many people find them detestable. The lovebug Plecia nearctica is a fly species that is particularly a nuisance to motorists when traveling through the southern United States.… Read more »

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Kissing Bugs – A Good or Bad Valentine?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, stores get inundated with hearts, chocolates, and roses, and reds and pinks are everywhere. In the bug world, we have several different insects that often get associated with “love,” love bugs, maybe even ladybugs because of their bright red color. One that doesn’t get much love is the kissing bug. Once… Read more »

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Honey Bees in Winter

What happens to honey bees in the winter? During winter months, it’s too cold for them to be out flying, sipping on nectar, and packing pollen on their legs, so what are they doing? Have you ever wondered why honey bees make honey? They don’t make it so that we can steal it, sell it,… Read more »

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House Mice in Winter

Although insects decline as the temperatures drop, warm-blooded pests like rodents are still as active as ever. When the outdoors become inhospitable, rodents travel in search of warmth, food, and shelter, which often leads them into our toasty, food-packed homes. The small and curious house mouse is a common invader of homes during the cooler… Read more »

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Mosquitoes in Winter

What happens to those pesky mosquitoes in the winter? They hibernate, or overwinter, although it depends on the species how they overwinter. Some mosquitoes spend the winter months as adults, others as larvae or pupae, and others still as eggs. Overwintering is a type of dormancy, so any overwintering adult mosquitoes are not out biting… Read more »

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