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Belostomatidae: From Predator to Delicacy

Published In: Pests

The Giant Water Bug Belostomatidae, also known as “giant water bugs,” are easily recognizable by their large size and a pair of short, strap-like posterior respiratory appendages. They are one of the largest insects in the Hemiptera order. They use these appendages to obtain air at the water’s surface. They are large, predatory aquatic insects […]

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Intelligent Rodents

Published In: Pests

One of my favorite speakers in the pest control industry is Dr. Bobby Corrigan, a rodent enthusiast, or, as he’s more professionally known, an Urban Rodentologist. Some of the most useful information I have learned about rodents has come from seminars Dr. Corrigan has led. In one such event that I watched recently, he talked […]

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Social Wasp 101

Published In: Pests

What does it mean to be social? Being social, or sociality is defined as a group of individuals of the same species exchanging information and cooperating in one way or another. The key to this cooperative living is communication. The word communication is derived from the Latin word “communis”, which is translated to mean “to exchange […]

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The Electric Buzz

Published In: Pests

The Electric Buzz: The Secret Behind Bumblebee Fuzz I love writing about bugs, but sometimes I struggle to think of new and exciting topics to explore in my writing. Sometimes I ask around for ideas, and I recently asked our Training Coordinator Ashley, “if you could ask one question about insects, what would it be?” […]

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For the Luck of Crickets

Published In: Pests

Aside from my birthday, one of my favorite days in March is St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday brings back fun memories of silly green outfits I used to wear as a kid, and, more importantly, my mom’s yummy corned beef and cabbage. When we think of St. Patrick’s Day, we often think of good luck […]

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Published In: Pests

Silverfish are in the order Zygentoma. This soft-bodied insect is a voracious feeder on items high in starch, glue, and cellulose. For example, they are common in libraries and museums where paper books and labels are abundant. However, they can also be found outdoors in cool shaded places, such as under leaf litter, under rocks, […]

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Pest Proofing the Home

Published In: Pests

Most pests come from the outside, so wouldn’t it make sense to keep them out before they become an indoor problem? Here are some ways you can keep pests out and make your home less desirable to them. Door sweeps are simple and effective devices that are often overlooked and neglected. Chipped, broken, damaged, or […]

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Spiders are Friends, not Fiends

Published In: Pests

Kristen Stevens, BCE (spiders that are not deadly – wolf spider, crevice weaver) If you have ever seen the movie Finding Nemo, one of my favorite scenes is when the sharks are meeting as a support group for recovering fish-eaters. Their mantra is “Fish are Friends, NOT food!” They are trying to curb their appetite […]

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Too Spooky For Me

Published In: Pests

Entomophobia is the excessive fear of insects. Most of our customers suffer from this common phobia to some extent, which is why they trust us here at Cook’s to keep the insects out of their home. Because it’s October, and Halloween is right around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at why people […]

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Goliath Bird-Eating Spider

Published In: Pests

Spiders (and snakes) give people the heebie jeebies. There’s something about having too many legs (or not enough legs) that really unnerves people. The fact that some are venomous further expounds our fears. And, the bigger they are, the worse we tend to feel about them. Let’s talk about one of the world’s largest spiders. […]

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Crevice Weavers

Published In: Pests

Southern House Spiders (Crevice Weavers) The crevice weaver, or southern house spider, is a common nuisance spider found around human structures. The males and females exhibit sexual dimorphism, meaning that they look very different from each other. You might think they were two distinct species if you didn’t know any better. In addition to sexual […]

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Brown Recluse Spiders

Published In: Pests

Spiders are feared and reviled, more so than even the most dangerous of insects. While having eight legs isn’t helping their creepiness factor, spiders are mainly feared for their venomous nature. Almost all spiders have venom, but only a few have venom potent enough to harm humans. Reclusive and Deadly: The “Fiddleback” or Brown Recluse […]

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Black Widow Spider

Published In: Pests

Beauty and Death in a Small, Jet-Black Package Not all spiders are fast and hairy. Think of the black widow: a jet-black, slender-legged, sleek and shiny spider. It is one of the few spiders with venom potent enough to harm a human. This fact, coupled with early laboratory observations in which females ate the males […]

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Published In: Pests

When winter approaches, some adult insects avoid a cold death by migrating or hibernating. One of the best-known insect migrators is the monarch butterfly. While we normally think of bears and bats as hibernating, insects do it too, but we call it overwintering.

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Bat Appreciation Day

Published In: Pests

Our flying mammalian friends get a bad rap from a few bloodsuckers. Yes, vampire bats are real and, yes, they have been known to occasionally nip a human. There are three blood-feeding bats among some 1,240 bat species, so bloodsuckers only account for 0.2% of bat species.

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