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A Bookworm’s Nightmare: Book Infesting Insects

Published In: Occasional Invaders

The Pests Hiding in Your Bookshelves I have always been a big reader of books, and nowadays reading is more convenient than ever thanks to eBooks that can be read on whatever electronic device suits your fancy. However, I find that there is nothing better than a new paper book. I love the way they […]

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Attic Issues

Published In: Occasional Invaders

Attic Pest Issues With the potential of an early spring being right around the corner, instances of attic pest issues will most likely begin to rise. It is one of the most secluded areas in a home, however, it can often produce the most pest issues. These are a few of the commonly encountered attic pests […]

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Unexpected Christmas Pests

Published In: Occasional Invaders

Although it is not as popular as it used to be, millions of American families will use a real Christmas tree for their holiday decorations. Unfortunately, many insect species also call these trees home to ride out the cold weather, or overwinter, until the warm spring weather. By bringing these trees inside the warmth of […]

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