Helpful Pest Control Tips According to the Cook's Pest Control Blog

Pest Profile: Fungus Gnats

As colder weather approaches, some outdoor plants are now getting chilly and need to be brought inside. Although moving plants indoors is great for keeping them alive, this can bring in some unwanted house guests, specifically fungus gnats. The fungus gnat is a small fly that enjoys eating fungus and decaying organic matter that often… Read more »

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Pest Profile: Silverfish

Silverfish are in the order Zygentoma. This soft-bodied insect is a voracious feeder on items high in starch, glue, and cellulose. For example, they are common in libraries and museums where paper books and labels are abundant. However, they can also be found outdoors in cool shaded places, such as under leaf litter, under rocks,… Read more »

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Monarch Migration

When we think of migrating animals, we often think of ducks and other birds that fly to places with warmer weather. However, birds are not the only animals that migrate; monarch butterflies also have unique migrating behavior. Each fall, North American monarchs will migrate almost 3,000 miles from their summer breeding grounds. There is a… Read more »

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Pest Profile: Southern Devil Scorpion

Scorpions are an arachnid that we commonly deal with in the pest control industry. They are closely related to spiders and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. There are more than 1,500 scorpion species worldwide, but only about 25 of those species have venom strong enough to kill a human. Scorpions often blend… Read more »

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