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All spiders are eight-legged, and they can enter a home in a variety of ways: on clothing, through cracks under doors, and more.Although some bites may hurt, most spiders can’t seriously harm people, except for a few species present in the U.S. like the brown recluse and black widow.A Cook’s professional knows how to spot and control all types.
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Black Widow

(Family: Lactrodectus mactans)


The adult Black Widow (Lactrodectus mactans) female is usually jet black and nearly 1/2” in length. The underside has the infamous bright red hourglass marking. The males are half the size of females and light brown with a yellow hourglass marking. This spider is usually found around shrubbery and in areas with little disturbance such as woodpiles, under boards and around brickwork, especially where brick and wood siding extends close to ground level.

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