Mosquitoes are characterized by having scales or hairs on their wings, as well as on their legs. Their mouthpart consists of a long proboscis with which the female is able to pierce the skin of animals and suck blood. The female mosquito uses proteins in the blood to produce eggs.

Mosquitoes transmit many diseases. Zika, malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue fever, and encephalitis kill and debilitate millions of people worldwide. West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine, and Western Equine are all encephalitis diseases, making the mosquito one of the greatest threats to man’s health and existence.

Mosquitoes are classified with flies in the order Diptera

Tips for avoiding mosquito bites:
1. Stay indoors during dawn, dusk, and early evening when mosquitoes are more likely to bite.
2. Wear light-colored clothing, as well as long-sleeved shirts and long pants for extra protection.
3. Use a repellent containing DEET on skin and clothing; apply repellent sparingly to exposed skin.
4. Protect your dog or cat with a mosquito repellent made especially for pets.

What can I do to reduce the population?
1. Eliminate or reduce mosquito-breeding sites by replacing standing water at least once a week. This includes birdbaths, ponds, and unfiltered pools.
2. Remove unneeded vegetation or trash from around any standing water sources that cannot be changed, dumped, or removed.
3. Mow grass on a regular basis to prevent resting sites for mosquitoes.

How can I really control mosquitoes in my yard?
Cook’s Mosquito Patrol offers a service during the summer months that controls mosquitoes in your yard so you can enjoy the outdoors. Our specialized service has been tried and tested and uses a very scientific approach to control mosquitoes where they hide.  This enables you to enjoy your yard and patio again without being eaten alive by these pests. Call us today to ask about Cook’s Mosquito Patrol service for your yard and enjoy the outdoors!

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