IMPORTANT: Please print the following instructions to help you through the process of updating your personal information on the EasyPay website. 

IMPORTANT:  For security reasons, if you make an error in any field on the web page, you must reenter all information again.

If we have your personal email address on file, you only need to go through the first "Update Personal Information" screen to update your password or call your local district office.
If we do not have your personal email address on file (we provided a temporary e-mail address and password), you must complete 2 screens or call your local district office:

Update Personal Information screen:

  1. Email Address - Cannot be changed on this page
  2. Current password - The same password that was used to log in on the previous screen
  3. New password - Enter a password of your choice.  Passwords must be between 8 and 32 characters long, contain at least one number, one letter, cannot contain special characters, and cannot begin or end with only 1 number or letter. Easy examples are sunshine10; hit8ball; 33bluebird; james123. You will use this new password to log in in the future.
  4. Re-Enter New Password - Confirm your new password
  5. Challenge Questions - Select a Challenge Question from the drop down menu, then provide your answer and confirm.
  6. Select "Continue" to save the Personal Information changes.

If we have your personal email on file, you may Log Out!

If we do not have your personal e-mail address on file, you must complete an additional screen.

Now, you should be on the Account Summary Screen.

IMPORTANT:  You must enter your new password and new challenge question, again

  1. New Email Address - Enter your personal email address (delete
  2. Re-enter Email Address  - Confirm your personal email address
  3. New password - Enter a new password of your choice (ignore the dots). Re-enter this password to confirm.
  4. New Challenge Question - Select a challenge question from the drop down menu, then provide your answer and confirm.  The challenge question can be the same one you entered on the first screen.
  5. Ignore "Cancel Enrollment"
  6. Select "Continue"

If you see a "Change Personal Information - Thank You" screen you are finished!  Click "Return to Account Summary" and Log Out.

If you encounter a problem, please call your local Cook's district office and an Office Specialist will assist you. (You can enter your zip code in the blank at the top right side of this page to get your local office number.)

Download a PDF of these instructions     Click here to log in