Mythbusting: DIY Moth Balls

Along with contact kill aerosols like Raid, mothballs are one of the most common pest control products bought and used by the general public. Unfortunately, that also makes them one of the most misused and misunderstood pest control products. As with any other chemical product, it must be used correctly to have any effect on… Read more »

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Mythbusting: DIY Bug Catching/Repelling Traps

This month we will be addressing popular home remedies that are utilized to either catch or repel insect pests. These DIY traps can be found on the internet with ease to handle several different pests from mosquitoes to stink bugs. In this blog, we will address some popular DIY traps for flies, fleas, and fruit… Read more »

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Mythbusting: Do-It-Yourself Homeowner Pest Control

Essential Oils and Botanicals Over the next year, we will be writing several posts that focus on the myths surrounding DIY pest control. There are several interesting topics on the slate and for this post we will be addressing the use of essential oils to control pests. Essential oil(s) can be defined as any volatile… Read more »

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