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Specialized Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Our pest control experts know how to control your business’s pests, whether they creep, crawl, or fly.

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Bed Bugs

They're less than one-quarter-inch long and can reside in box springs and bed frames.

Nuisance Birds

We'll help exclude annoying pigeons, starlings, and English sparrows.

Fire Ants

They're common in the Southeast, and our baiting solutions can help eliminate them.

Other Specialized Pests

Brown Recluse Spiders

They're about the size of a quarter, and their bite can cause a variety of health problems.

Carpenter Bees

They can burrow into wood in your home's interior, but we know how to keep them out.

Flea Treatment

Reduce conducive conditions with Cook's perimeter protection.

Mosquito Treatment

Cook's Mosquito Control will help you get rid of those annoying mosquitos.

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