Why We Train

When you choose Cook’s, you receive service from one of the industry’s most thoroughly-trained professionals.

Cook’s emphasis on training makes us unique. Since no other pest control company invests the same amount of time and resources to train its employees, this emphasis distinguishes us as an industry leader. When you choose Cook’s, you receive service from a professional who is thoroughly trained by our Corporate training staff.

Cook’s Academy of Customer Service
Each Cook’s inspector and technician must complete Cook’s Academy of Customer Service, a comprehensive training course that includes online training, as well as personalized instruction at the Corporate Training Center in Decatur, Alabama. Each section of the training program must be passed before the inspector or technician becomes a Cook’s professional. Combine this with continuing education in our 35 district offices, and it’s easy to see that a Cook’s technician is the most highly-trained professional who can provide protection for your home and family.

Why do we train? So you can be certain of receiving quality, superior service. We take pest control seriously—that’s evident from the education we provide our employees. Protecting your family, your home, and your workplace is serious business.

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