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Cook’s Pest Control provides a no-cost, no-obligation inspection for your home or business.

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Specialized Services

Let Cook’s help protect your home’s foundation and subflooring with proper ventilation and moisture barrier.

Proper ventilation and the installation of a moisture barrier are important to preserving the wood foundation and subflooring of your home. Wood damage in homes due to wood-destroying insects, which are attracted to damp wood, is a serious problem and causes approximately $1 billion in damage annually. Cook’s offers two effective ways to reduce the risk of damage.

Temp-Vents are the premier automatic foundation vents used as a defense against excess moisture in crawlspaces of homes and buildings. Once installed by a Cook’s professional, Temp-Vents open and close automatically depending on air temperature, allowing the proper amount of air to circulate under the structure. No electricity is needed.

Additional Temp-Vent features include:

  • Help save heating costs in winter
  • Dual screens on both sides of vent prevent pest entry into the crawlspace
  • Enhance the value and beauty of your home
  • Help prevent frozen water and sewer pipes
  • Convenience and peace of mind knowing that your vents are opened or closed automatically during the appropriate season

For crawlspace moisture reduction in unusual situations, Cook’s also offers the installation of the Power Temp-Vent. This vent provides forced ventilation to non-ventilated areas and is controlled by an electric humidostat or thermostat.

Moisture Barriers
The installation of a moisture barrier and proper foundation ventilation are important to preserving the wood foundation and subflooring of your home.

The installation of a Cook’s moisture barrier in the crawlspace will cause soil moisture to condense on the underside of the barrier and return to the soil. This reduces condensation on floor joists, subflooring and other structural timbers that lead to attack by wood- destroying insects.

A Cook’s moisture barrier is professionally installed in 70 to 80% of the crawlspace, allowing wood to dry slowly, minimizing warping and cracking. Each barrier is made of 6-mil polyethylene and is non-transparent, a combination proven to provide protection over the years and reduce barrier deterioration.

For a free evaluation to determine if your home needs Temp-Vents and/or a moisture barrier, contact your local Cook’s office.


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