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Free Inspection

Cook’s Pest Control provides a no-cost, no-obligation inspection for your home or business.

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For Homeowners

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Your home should be your refuge

— a place of comfort, relaxation and safety, you should not have to fear the presence of pests that can be a cause for embarrassment or worry over health concerns. From Cook’s Pest Patrol and Termite Patrol to the other reliable services we offer, doing our part to protect the health and safety of your home is our top priority.

As a testimony to the knowledge, thoroughness, pride and dedication of our highly skilled professionals, we issue a 110% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee. Perhaps that’s why more than 250,000 Southern homeowners and businesses depend on Cook’s. Let us fulfill your high expectations. We have an 85-year reputation to uphold — a reputation for doing the job right — a reputation we have earned, and continue to earn, one customer at a time.

For free pest and termite identification, damage identification and/or a free pest and termite evaluation with no obligation, contact your local Cook’s office. Just enter your zip at the top of this page on the right to get the number to your local Cook’s office.


Additional Pest Services

  Brown Recluse Spiders
  Fire Ants
  Carpenter Bees
  Bed Bugs
  Nuisance Birds