Brown Recluse Spiders

The brown recluse spider is yellowish to light brown in color. It has a dark brown violin pattern on back. This spider is about the size of a quarter, including its legs. In addition, it has three pairs of eyes in a semicircle on its head.

The brown recluse has three pairs of eyes surrounded by a violin shape and the actual body length is 1/4 to 1/2 inches.

Indoors - storage areas, attics, closets, clutter, piles of clothing, stored boxes, furniture, stacks of paper, storage under beds

Outdoors - debris, utility boxes, woodpiles, under bark, outdoor storage buildings, leaves

The brown recluse spider has a bite that affects body tissue. The severity of the bite depends upon:

  * Individual immunity
  * Age of spider
  * Area of body bitten
  * Amount of venom injected
  * Depth of bite
  * Temperature

The bites themselves are painless. However, after 3-4 hours, the victim will experience some pain; in 6-12 hours blisters and some pus will appear; in 12-48 hours a bullseye pattern of blue white and red will appear. Symptoms of a reaction include fever, vomiting, cramps, and spleen enlargement.

Less than 25% of the population exhibits a severe reaction called Necrosis (death of human tissue).

Since brown recluse spiders represent a specific challenge, Cook’s offers this service as an add-on service to your regular pest control service. If you have, or suspect you have, brown recluse spiders, please call us today to have a Cook’s professional check your home. Our proven methods help control brown recluse spiders so you can enjoy your home.

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